Follow-up via call history

Burhan Kesapli
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Who can follow up a call in an answer group's call history?

  • All agents in the answer group
  • All supervisors in the answer group

How it works

In an answer group's call history, you can easily follow up on missed and bounced calls. If you mark a call as followed up here, it will be moved in your Dashboard and Graph, from missed call → followed up call.

Follow up a call

    1. Call back the missed call
    2. Click on CHECK.svg
    3. Write an optional comment
    4. Click on CHECK.svg

    Your comment will be visible to everyone in the group and stored in the call log.

  • To be able to send system SMS you need to have permission for it.

    1. Click on VERTICAL ELIPSIS.svg
    2. Click on new SMS
    3. Fill in the fields (see separate guide if needed)
    4. Click on send

    Your SMS is stored in the log and becomes visible to everyone in the group. Please note that the system does not receive SMS and therefore cannot store them in the call log.

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