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Current Beta Features

Here you can read about current features in beta.

Please note that these features are not officially released and therefore cannot be purchased. Some will be launched for free and others as additional services that require a license. It may also happen that we completely remove a feature from experimental without warning.

Note that we are not responsible for notifying anyone with an active beta feature if/when it is officially launched, removed, or released behind a license.

Callback via Answer Groups

  • This feature gives callers the option to choose a callback instead of waiting in line.

    Callers enter their phone number, and agents in the 'Callback agent group' will treat these requests as regular incoming calls.
  • Activate under: Edit Answer Group → Call Handling → Callback (More info to come)

Return failed transfer as VIP call

  • When active, failed transfers (unanswered calls) will be returned to the answer group's queue as a VIP call.

    This call will then be prioritized in the queue and distributed to agents according to the set ring strategy.
  • Activated under: Edit answer group → Call Handling → Direct Transfer & VIP Calls.
    1. Open the answer group settings
    2. Under Call Handling, expand Direct Connections
    3. Toggle on
    4. Optional: adjust the message & repetition delay if needed

Entra ID Sync

  • The Entra ID sync enables synchronization of users with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).

    This includes customizable group and field settings, along with settings for notifications for event channels and email.

    Users have the flexibility to choose between auto-synchronization or relying on notifications for sync updates.

  • To set up a sync, you need to have the User & Team permission in the app.

    1. Click on SETTINGS GEAR.svg
    2. Select your organization
    3. Expand User Accounts
    4. Click on Entra ID Sync
    5. Click on Connect Entra ID Account
    6. Log in with your Microsoft Account
    7. Give the app access to your Entra ID
    If you are not the administrator of your Entra ID, you can create a URL and send it to the responsible person.

    Detailed information about Entra ID will be provided later.


  • Our wallboard lets you present key metrics from one or more response groups. The data is then preferably presented on a TV or other form of larger screen to easily visualize the current situation in the group.

    When you create a Wallboard, a unique URL is generated which you then use.

    1. Click on SETTINGS GEAR.svg
    2. Select your organization
    3. Select Wallboards
    4. Click on "Create Wallboard"
    5. Name it
    6. Choose one or more response groups whose data should be included
    7. Adjust the metrics to your preferences
    8. Adjust language, visual style, avatar, and display scale as needed
    9. Click Save
    10. Expand the Wallboard you just created and copy the URL
    11. Use the URL where you wish

Interactive Notification for Available Line Status

  • You can now "subscribe" to a colleague's line status if you wish to receive a notification when they end their ongoing call. When the call ends, you receive a notification that they have become available, from which you can call the person in question. If the person becomes busy before you manage to call, the notification will reappear when they become available again.

    If you want to remove the notification, you can cross it off to deactivate the "subscription", or you can click on the red phone to deactivate it.

  • Start by activating the feature: Personal Settings → Look & Feel → Experimental → Monitor Busy Line Status
    1. Click on the red phone
    2. Choose to notify when the call ends

Interactive Notification When No Agents Are Available

  • Notification with interactive choices when no agents are available in a response group. By activating it, you can reduce waiting times in cases where no agents are logged in.

  • Start by activating the feature: Edit Agent Group → No Agents Available → Experimental: Interactive Warning
    1. Click CALL TO ME.svg to summon the call to yourself
    2. Or, click TRANSFER ATTENDED.svg to send the call to another agent

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