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Who has access to Entra ID?

  • Organizations with the add-on purchased
  • Users in the app with the Users & Teams permission

Open Entra ID

  • Click on SETTINGS GEAR.svg
  • Select your organization
  • Under Users & Teams, click on Entra ID Sync

General Information

  • Entra ID Sync enables synchronization of users with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).

    This includes customizable group and field settings, along with settings for notifications for event channels and email.

    Users have the flexibility to choose between auto-synchronization or relying on notifications for synchronization updates.

  • All users can see information that is synced on a user's contact card

  • Follow the guide.

    You need the account permission to be able to purchase additional services.

Get Started with Entra ID

To get started with your usage, we recommend that you follow the steps below.

    • If you do not have a well-organized Entra ID, we recommend that you set up a group where all users who will be synchronized are added. You could name it “telephony”, “pbx” or “lynes”
    • The app does not overwrite information in Entra. The app retrieves information from Entra and not the other way around
  • To set up a sync, you need to have the permission Users & Teams in the app and be an administrator in Entra ID.

    1. Click on SETTINGS GEAR.svg
    2. Select your organization
    3. Expand Users & Teams
    4. Click on Connect Entra ID
    5. Log in with your Microsoft account or generate a URL and send it to a colleague with admin rights in your Entra ID
    6. Give the app access

    It is now set up but no changes will occur inside the app

    1. Under groups you decide whether you want to sync all users in Entra or selected groups, if you have created a group called “telephony” that is the one you should toggle to only sync that information to the app
    2. Under fields you set which information you wish to synchronize to the app. By default, the following are synced: first name, last name, display name & email.

      If you wish to link additional fields to the app, click on + and make your choice.
    3. On notifications you choose who or which users should be notified about changes made. You can choose one or several users and or email addresses.

      If you choose users, the notifications will appear under NOTIFICATION.svg when a change has occurred
    4. In overview you set the desired sync settings. There you can choose between manual or daily sync.

      Manual synchronization: nothing happens without manual intervention
      Daily synchronization: changes are made overnight without manual intervention

    You always need to manually create new users (regardless of synchronization choice). Only existing users are affected by daily sync.

  • When the sync between Entra ID and the app is underway and your settings are done, it is time to either sync an actual user in the app with Entra ID or create a completely new one from the information from Entra.

    • If you already have users in the app that match your Entra, they can be found under “Users” → “Auto-matched users”
    • Entra ID users who do not auto-match are found under “Entra ID users available for sync”
    1. Click on LINK.svg on the user you wish to connect OR
    2. Click on “Accept all” if you wish to link all auto-matched users
  • Start by clicking on Entra ID users available for sync and choose one of the following options.

    Link to an existing user in the app:
    1. On the user, click LINK.svg
    2. Select the desired user
    3. Click on select to link
    Create a new user in the app with info from Entra:
    1. On the user, click ADD AVATAR +.svg
    2. Follow this guide

    Some fields will be pre-populated with information from Entra which you cannot change on the user when creating them since it should be fetched from Entra ID

  • If you have users in Entra that are not related to the app we recommend that you go in and mark them as ignored. You do it like this:

    1. Click on Entra ID users available for sync
    2. Click on NOTIFICATION.svg to ignore
    3. Now the user will appear under the list “Ignored users”


  • In this list, users with changes that will either be handled during a daily synchronization or require manual sync appear. Changes may refer to:

    • First or last name
    • Updated fields
    Click on CHECK.svg to accept the change or CHECK.svg “Apply all” if you wish to approve several at the same time.
  • If you have deleted a user in Entra ID, they will not automatically disappear from the app. After synchronization, the user will be placed in the list “Remove Entra ID user”

    1. Click on that list
    2. Click on EDIT PEN.svg
    3. Choose to Remove sync (if the user should remain in the app) or Delete user (to delete in the app)
    1. Open the sync under organizational settings
    2. Click on remove
    3. Confirm by clicking “Yes”

    Note that you will not delete any users, but only remove the sync, all data will remain unchanged. If you activate the sync again, you will need to reset the settings.

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