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Who can access insights?

  • Users with the permission Insights can view and edit the settings

Insights is an add-on that can be purchased. To find out how you do it, go here and read more under the headline Add-ons.

Access insights

  • To access insights, click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg expand the list INTEGRATIONS.svg insights

Insights integrations

Connect integrations for Insights to get contact insights on incoming calls, etc.

Sort integrations from top to bottom in term of priority by dragging this DRAG.svg

Connect integration

  • Custom webhooks can be used to make an integration with a system for number lookup, so that additional information can be displayed on incoming calls.

    To add a custom webhook integrations please contact customer care for more information

  • With HubSpot connected you can automatically log calls made from the app in HubSpot. You can also:

    • See info on incoming calls
    • Show contact in HubSpot
    • Add new HubSpot activity, note, task, call & meeting
    • Show and expand activities in the app
    Connect HubSpot
    1. Click ADD_ROUND.svg
    2. A browser page will open
    3. Login with your HubSpot credentials
    4. Choose an account
    5. Click connect

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