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Open the menu to purchase a new subscription

Click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg-> Organization Settings -> Account -> Subs 

To purchase a subscription in the app, you need to be the account owner or have the permission Account

Purchase a new subscription

    1. Depending on the subscription type, click on Add Subs mobile/fixed
    2. Select bound (price according to contract) or unbound (price according to current price list)
    3. Select Call Rate (fixed/variable)
    4. Select desired data package
    5. Select number (new/reserved/specific/port existing)
    6. Input SIM ICC (20 digits, found on the back of the card) or choose eSIM and follow the instructions
    7. Choose if the number should be integrated with the PBX or not (PBX/Independent)
    8. Toggle on MEX if the number should be integrated with the PBX
    9. Assign the number to a user
    10. Select if the user should have access to top-up data
    11. Click Save

    When porting an existing number, you need to ensure that the number does not have any remaining binding period. Read more about porting here

  • To activate MEX on a user, click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg -> Organization Settings -> Users & Teams -> Users

    1. Search for the user you want to MEX and expand it EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Under Subscriptions & Numbers, expand EXPAND_DOWN.svg Phone Numbers
    3. Click on EDIT_PEN.svg next to the fixed number you wish to MEX with the mobile number
    4. Under Connected, enter the mobile number
    5. Click Done
    6. Click Save


  • If the number is connected to the PBX and has MEX, it means that the fixed and mobile number are connected and can function as one. All calls go through the PBX, and features such as line state, and the ability to transfer calls are activated.

  • An independent number means that the number has nothing to do with the PBX. You lose features such as line state and the ability to transfer calls. All settings are handled by the operator, and all calls handled outside the PBX.

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