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Transcription of voicemails can be done both on your private voicemail and on an answer group's voicemail.

By activating transcriptions of voicemails you acknowledge that it is OK for voicemails to be processed for transcriptiom by a sub-contractor to lynes, and that this processing may take place outside of Sweden

How it works

Using AI technology, we analyze the speech in the voicemail and "translate" the sound to text. The transcription feature thus converts speech into text.

Use the transcriptions in the app

  • When active, it will be displayed

    • In your personal call log
    • As a notification (if active) and an email (if active) containing a summary of the transcription

    If you do not want to see the transcriptions in your call log:

    1. In your call log, press on EYE.svg
    2. Toggle off view transcriptions of voicemails

    If you share a call log containing a transcription, you can choose to include or exclude it.

  • When active, it will be visible

    • In the answer group's call history, press  RECORDING.svg to view the entire transcription

    If you share a call log containing a transcription, you can choose to include or exclude it.

  • To quickly find a voicemail, you can search through all transcriptions.

    • Click on the search bar SEARCH.svg
    • Click on MIC.svg and type the desired keyword to search
    • Choose to see results in your own voicemail PHONE 1.svg or the answer group's OPERATOR.svg
    • Click on the result to read the content

Activate transcription

    1. Press on SETTINGS GEAR.svg
    2. Choose personal settings
    3. Expand EXPAND DOWN.svg the phone & conference list
    4. Press voicemail
    5. Toggle on ON.svg transcribe voicemails
  • Requires the phone system permission.

    1. Inside the answer group's settings and the section for call management
    2. Expand EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svg voicemail
    3. Toggle on ON.svg transcribe voicemails

AI technology is continuously improving. Some inaccuracies in transcriptions may occur.

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