How am I affected by the phasing out of the 3G & 2G networks?

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Lynes Technologies is a virtual operator in Telia's network, a so-called MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Our subscriptions, Subs, have exactly the same coverage as Telia's.

3G & 2G Networks are now being phased out

Telia is upgrading the mobile network in Sweden. As the 5G network is being expanded, the 4G network is also being improved. In connection with this, the old 3G and 2G networks are being phased out.

Why are the 3G and 2G networks disappearing?

All technology ages and eventually needs to be replaced with new and better technology. Regarding 3G and 2G networks, there are several factors:

  • 5G and modernized 4G mean faster speeds and more stable connections than 3G and 2G. The modern networks are also safer and more robust.
  • To be able to offer new services over 5G and 4G, we need more frequency space. The shutdown of 3G and 2G frees up space for the newer technologies.
  • More modern technology can contribute to a more climate-smart society. The new networks are up to five times more energy-efficient than the older ones.
  • The demand for 3G and 2G technology is decreasing as companies and consumers increasingly use 4G. Network technology manufacturers have already stopped supporting 3G and 2G, making it difficult to obtain such equipment in the future.


  • The phasing out of the 3G network is ongoing, and the network will be completely shut down by the end of 2025. The 2G network will also be completely shut down by the end of 2025, but unlike 3G, we will maintain full coverage of the 2G network until the shutdown.

  • Telia has a 4G network that covers more than 90% of Sweden's surface area. This means that we can offer very good 4G coverage (or eventually 5G coverage) in the places where the 3G and 2G networks are being phased out. We continuously work to improve the coverage in our 4G network and will further expand the 4G coverage over the coming years.

  • Telia is working to ensure that the phasing out of the 3G and 2G networks will have minimal customer impact, but if you use older mobile phones or mobile broadband routers, you may need to change settings or upgrade your device.

    If you are using more modern equipment (such as a mobile phone/smartphone or wireless router), you really only need to ensure that your mobile or router is set to use the 4G network or higher. In your mobile, you can easily check this under Settings.
    1. iPhone: Settings - Mobile Service - Mobile Data Options - Voice & Data. Set to 4G or higher, and activate VoLTE for better call quality.
    2. Android: Settings - Wi-Fi & Network - SIM & Network - Network type. Set to 4G or higher. (Note that the exact menu options may vary between different mobile manufacturers.)
    3. Invest in a new device that supports 4G and 5G

When choosing a subscription plan, we recommend that you first take a look at the coverage map. Choose the one that offers the best coverage in your area.

Want to know more?

The information above is a selection from Telia's compilation around the phasing out. If you want to read more, you can do it here.

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