Answer group settings for supervisors

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Answer group settings for supervisors

As a supervisor in an answer group there is some settings that you can configure. 

Only Pro users can be a supervisor in an answer group.

Agent Groups

You can add as many users as you want in answer- and agent groups. You can have several agent groups in a answer groups and each agent group can have its unique ring strategies.

Click on Add agent group ADD_SQUARE.svg

  • Choose a name for the agent group that clearly defines its purpose
  • Choose between
    1. Longest available
    2. Random
    3. Ring all
    4. Priority order
    5. Rotary
  • Toggle on ON.svg if you want to set a maximum waiting time for the answer group. 

    1. Set the value in seconds, default 240 (4 minutes)
    2. Choose an action for when the value is true 
    3. Click save
  • Manage how to handle the case when there are calls waiting and no agents logged in to the answer group. 

    Alerts, you can activate to send a notification message to agents and/or supervisors to inform them that there are calls waiting and that there are no agents loggin in to the answer group.

    You can notify:  
    • Agents
    • Supervisors
    Action, you can choose what should happen when no agents are logged in. Choose action and click save.

    You can set an action delay which will give agents a change to login and take the call before it gets diverted.

  • You can add as many users as you like to be agents in your answer group.

    1. Click on ADD_SQUARE.svg
    2. Select the right user(s)
    3. Click save
    After adding the agent, you can adjust the priority order via drag and drop DRAG.svg 
  • To remove an agent from an answer group, click CROSS.svgon the agent in question. 

Scheduling & Welcome Message

As a supervisor in an answer group, you can manage the opening hours and scheduling settings. Check out this guide to learn more. There, among other things, you can learn more about:

  • Settings for open
  • Settings for closed
  • How to create a new schedule event

Call handling

  • Repeatedly play a message informing the caller about their position in the queue. Toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg

    To configure the settings: 

    1. Choose text-to-speech (TTS) or soundfile
    2. Type message or choose file / record a new
    3. Set the repetition delay
    4. Click save
  • Manage how to handle the case when the maximum waiting time is exceeded. 

    1. Set a threshold value (Default: 20 callers)
    2. Choose overflow handling (answer group voicemail, play voicemessage and hangup, busy tone or redirect to number)
    3. Click save

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