Listen to your voice mail

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Listen to your voice mail

There are two ways to check your voice mail, depending if you have MEX activated or not. 95% of our users have MEX.

Manage your voice mail (MEX)

    1. Click onPHONE_1.svg
    2. Choose the tab "Voice mail"
    3. ClickPLAY.svg to listen
    1. ClickVERTICAL_ELIPSIS.svg the call
    2. Click on "Mark as played"

    If you wish do mark several voice mail at once, choose "Mark all as played"

    1. Click on PHONE_1.svg
    2. Choose the tab "Voice mail"
    3. Click VERTICAL_ELIPSIS.svg on the call you want to download
    4. Click DOWNLOAD.svg to download

Manage your voice mail (non-MEX)

    1. Call 144
    2. New messages are played first, followed by old messages
    After listening to your messages, there are different options to choose form:
    • 6 to delete
    • 7 to listen to the previous message
    • 8 to pause & to resume
    • 9 to skip to the next message
  • You can easily access the menu in your voice mail by pressing

    • 1 to listen to your messages
    • 2 to change settings
    • 0 for help
  • If you press 2, you can e.g. record a new message, change your personal code, and turn off your voicemail. Make your choice and follow the instructions.

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