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Burhan Kesapli
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Take you communication to the next level

In addition to our help center, we can help you with a training session fitting your business. During the training, you will learn about everything from basic functions to smart tips and tricks, so that you and your colleagues get the most out of your new service!

User training session

We have built a flexible service, one that allows you to fit the settings to your everyday work life. To get the most out of it, it can be good with a jump start! Here you will learn how to manage your account in a smart way, customize activity statuses, how answer groups work and much more! The session will take approx. two hours.

Admin training session

With our app, you and your admin colleagues will be able to fix, edit and customize everything directly without contacting customer care. We'll learn you who to manage the organization, edit answer groups, create users, adjust opening hours and much more. The session will be approx. two hours. 


  • Online session, two hours, 2995 SEK
  • On-site session, two hours, 6000 SEK (+travel expenses)

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