Answer group settings for users with phone system permission

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Who can access phone system?

  • Users with the permission phone system can view and edit the settings

Access phone system

  • To access phone system, click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg your organization and expand the list PHONE_1.svg phone system

Create an answer group

Follow the guide here. 

Settings in an answer group

These settings can not be edited by an agent or supervisor, you need to have the permission phone system. 

  • Toggle on ON.svg to close an answer group temporarily in exceptional situations. 

    1. Toggle on ON.svg
    2. Set a temporarily closed handling, toggle on ON.svg custom to configure
    3. Choose handling
    4. Click save
  • You can change the name of an existing group. Just open it and under name, type the new one and click save.

  • This is where you change the cost for potential re-directs to external numbers.

  • You can set/change the numeric ID. If you have a numeric ID active on an answer group the number will be display at the end of the caller ID for calls to agents on mobile phone.

    A regular caller ID: +46700 00 00 00

    A caller ID with numeric ID: +46700 00 00 004444

    In this case "4444" is the numeric ID.

  • You can add/remove supervisors from answer groups. 

    1. Expand the group EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Under settings, expand supervisors EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    To add:
    1. Expand the list add supervisors EXPAND_DOWN.svg , type a name and choose a user
    2. Click save
    To remove:
    1. Expand the list add supervisors EXPAND_DOWN.svg
    2. Click CROSS.svg on the user you want to remove as a supervisor
    3. Click save
  • When a call has been answered, denied or missed, you have Wrap-Up Time to finish up before the next call. You decide how long the agent's Wrap-Up Time should be.

    1. Answered Call: By default, it's OFF.svg. To enable Wrap-Up Time, you need to toggle ON.svg and set the value in seconds.
    2. Declined Call: By default, it's ON.svg and the agent has 15 seconds of Wrap-Up Time before the next call.
    3. Unanswered Call: By default, it's ON.svg and the agent has 15 seconds of Wrap-Up Time before the next call.
  • When Call Waiting is enabled, a logged in agent will be treated as available in this Answer Group even if he/she is busy in a personal call or a call in another Answer Group. Toggle on ON.svg to activate it.

  • This is where you change the default voicemail for the group. Follow these steps to do it: 

    1. In the group, under settings, expand the list voicemail EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Choose text-to-speech (TTS) or soundfile
    3. Type your message or select / record a soundfile
    4. Click save

    This is just where you change the default voicemail for this group. To activate it choose answer group voicemail as a handling when closed / no answer.

  • Display numbers enables users to dial out with non-personal numbers as display numbers, i.e. the number that will be seen on the receiving part of the call.

    To allow users, agents and or supervisors to display it: 

    1. In the group, under settings, expand the list display number EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Give access to all agents or all supervisors (Toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg )
    3. Or, give access to specific users by selecting them from the list EXPAND_DOWN.svg
    4. Click save
  • If you want to delete an answer group: 

      1. Expand the group you want to delete EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
      2. At the bottom, click delete
      3. Click yes

    Think twice, you can not restore a deleted answer group and if it contains any recordings these will also be deleted. 

Default settings   

When creating a new answer group, your default settings will apply. You can edit the default settings with the guide bellow.

  • The default answer group settings are applied when new answer groups are created. Customize the settings for:
    • Waiting calls
    • Scheduling & welcome message
    • Call distribution
    • Voicemail
    To edit the default settings:
    1. Expand the setting you want to change, eg. waiting calls.
    2. Do your changes
    3. Click save

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